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The College of Science is the nationally competitive science teaching and research arm of the University. Among the most important products of a modern university is innovative research. College of Science (COS) faculty have led the growth of Florida Tech’s research portfolio- with less than 30% of the university’s faculty, COS alone brings in over 60% of Florida Tech’s externally-funded research grants. Research provides a platform for outstanding teaching in both classroom and laboratory. Graduate students carry the torch for their faculty mentors, and faculty prepare our graduates for productive careers with increasing success. Our undergraduates are promised hands-on research opportunities, which they get by joining dynamic research laboratories to conduct novel research, or through our highly effective Quality Enhancement Program. The results are excellent – our research students perform well in classroom and in the lab, and when they graduate, they find excellent job prospects or they join outstanding graduate schools, medical schools and other post-graduate programs.

New challenges arise as we continue to solidify our position as an institution of world-class research and training. Success stems from unity among our departments and colleges, and among all individuals in a common effort to achieve important goals. Our faculty members maintain a keen interest in the welfare of the College of Science and its students. We nurture the hopes and dreams of the young men and women who come here to pursue their educational goals and career aspirations, partly by aggressively pursuing advancement in our own careers. In support of these goals, we work to secure the financial and intellectual resources needed to help our faculty fulfill these lofty goals. To paraphrase the author Kenneth Grahame, there is nothing, absolutely nothing half so much worth doing as living life with passion. We should always remember that we are here because we are passionate about science and about scientific education. We work to instill these passions in our students and we use our enthusiasm to do bigger and better things for our students, for ourselves and for our university. We have come a long way in a short period of time, and our new position puts us on the verge of even greater success.

Dr. Hamid Kyan Sam Rassoul
Dean and Professor
College of Science

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