Biological Sciences

Biology Undergraduate Programs

The biological sciences are concerned with living organisms, especially the chemical and physical processes supporting life and the interactions of living organisms with their environment. The curriculum offered by the Department of Biological Sciences teaches the concepts on which specialized knowledge depends. During the freshman and sophomore years, emphasis is placed on unifying themes among the biological sciences and enables students to master the fundamental concepts necessary for more advanced courses. In the junior and senior years, students take specialized courses reflecting the emphasis of their chosen option.

The department offers six undergraduate program options, including Aquaculture, Ecology, General Biology, Marine Biology, Molecular Biology, and Premedical Biology, and participates in the interdisciplinary biochemistry program.

General Biology
Pre-Professional Biology
Marine Biology
Conservation Biology and Ecology
Molecular Biology

All of the options, however, require core courses that treat fundamental concepts of biology at more advanced levels. Electives taken in the senior year allow students to sharpen skills in particular areas and to delve into subject areas in greater depth.