Biological Sciences

Undergraduate Programs

what is biochemistry

What is Biochemistry?

Biochemistry is known as the chemistry of life. Biochemistry covers the complex chemical reactions taking place inside each living organism and provides the foundation for nearly all advances in medical research, agriculture and genetic engineering, tying together new medical technologies and discoveries in genetic and cell biology.

  • Research
  • Population restoration
  • Production of pharmaceutical compounds
  • Production of ornamental plants and animals

What Will I Study?

You will be learning about many diverse topics in areas of:

  • biology
  • chemistry
  • oceanography
  • agriculture
  • physiology
  • genetics

What Courses Will I Take?

Review the core courses online at the University Catalog. In addition to the required program core courses, elective courses can be selected in biology, chemistry, environmental science and oceanography.

What Research Opportunities are Available?

Our professors are working on finding a cure for asthma and Alzheimer's disease, making new drugs out of chemicals found in sea sponges, and discovering what exactly happens during the early stages of life, right after fertilization.

See our research page for more details.

What Can I do with a Degree in Biochemistry?

Biochemistry can be applied to many other disciplines and sciences. Our students can go on to a variety of different career and educational options, including graduate or medical school, drug discovery/pharmacology and cancer and disease research. Many of our graduates have careers in:

  • United States federal (EPA, USDA), state and local agencies
  • Commercial food and ornamental aquaculture producers
  • Research laboratories, aquariums and zoos
  • Theme parks

You may also wish to continue onward and pursue graduate education right here at Florida Tech. Students graduating from our programs have also gone on to study at a number of universities around the country. A few of these include:

  • Agricultural research
  • Biotechnology industries
  • Governmental laboratories
  • Drug research and development
  • University research