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Chemistry Department Welcomes Two New FacultyChemistry Department Welcomes Two New Faculty

The Department of Chemistry is delighted to announce the arrival of two new faculty members who will be joining us this Fall.

Dr. Roberto Peverati is coming to Florida Tech from his position working with Professor Martin Head-Gordon at the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Head-Gordon is regarded as the leader in the development and application of electronic structure theories. The advances in his group has opened up new computational methods to provide insight into the electronics and reactivity of molecules that were previously not possible with theoretical methods. Prior to that Dr. Peverati worked as a research scientist with Professor Donald Truhlar, considered one of the top physical chemists in the world (recently received his 100,000th citation according to Google Scholar). During both of these appointments, Dr. Peverati pursued many of his own projects (competitive proposals funded by Swiss National Science Foundation) as well as collaborative work. Computational and theoretical chemistry requires collaborations with experimentalists and his collaborations have been extensive ranging from the growth of hydrocarbons in interstellar space to solid-state physics. Dr. Peverati is a co-author on the latest release of Q-Chem, the most popular open source quantum chemistry software package, along with world leaders from Caltech, Princeton, MIT, Cambridge and elsewhere around the world.

Dr. Alexander Schoedel is coming from his position working with Professor Omar Yaghi, a leader in the development of new materials at the University of California, Berkeley. Dr. Yaghi’s group is one of the top groups in the world focused on the creation metal-organic frameworks (MOFs). MOFs are a new class of materials that are being hotly pursued for use in energy, catalysis and sensing. Dr. Schoedel received his Ph.D. with Dr. Michael Zaworotko from the University of South Florida. Dr. Zaworotko is a pioneer in the field of crystal engineering and is one of the 20 most highly cited chemists in the world. Very recently, Dr. Schoedel co-authored a seminal review on the future of MOFS in carbon neutral energy in one of the newest journal’s published by Nature.

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