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Virtual World Education Conference at Florida TechVirtual World Education Conference at Florida Tech

Dr. Kurt Winkelmann will host the 2017 Virtual Worlds Education (VWE) Conference at Florida Tech on June 5 – 8. The VWE Conference will bring together educators, researchers, and developers interested in the use of virtual worlds and virtual reality for STEM education. There is no registration cost for this conference thanks to funding from the National Science Foundation.

Conference organizers plan for in-depth presentations by about 25 practitioners, education researchers, and industry representatives. Experts in curriculum design and assessment will help STEM educators understand how to develop research programs and projects with achievable, measurable learning objectives. Industry experts, such as programmers and representatives from companies developing virtual reality hardware and software, will share their technical knowledge and learn about the needs of educators who use their services and products. Attendees can demonstrate their virtual worlds used for education and view those of others in a technology showcase. Panel discussions will explore the potential future directions of virtual world technology and ways that educators can overcome the challenges of teaching in this environment. Speakers will join teams to develop a mock project proposal based on ideas developed during the conference.

The event is free and open to the public.

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