All phone numbers use area code 321. The Chemistry Department fax number is 674-8951.  All offices are in the Olin Physical Sciences Building (PS).  Click here for a campus map.

A list of faculty at-large and Emeriti faculty are here.



Michael Freund

Professor and Department Head

electronic materials, analytical chemistry

102 PS   email   674-8046






Boris Akhremitchev

Associate Professor

biophysical and physical chemistry, atomic force microscopy

338 PS   email   674-8587

Dr. J. Clayton Baum

J. Clayton Baum

Professor Emeritus

physical chemistry, including spectroscopic and computational investigation of ground and excited state molecular properties; optical sensors

227 PS   email

Dr. Alan Brown

Alan B. Brown

Associate Professor

structural organic chemistry

322 PS   email   674-7433

Dr. Andy Knight


Andy Knight


inorganic chemistry, catalysis, materials, organometallics, chemistry for defense applications, green technologies

316 PS   email   674-8175

Yi Liao

Associate Professor

photochemistry and organic materials

310 PS   email   674-8043

Dr. Nasri Nesnas


Nasri Nesnas


synthetic organic, biomimetic, bioorganic and physical organic chemistry

323 PS   email   674-8902

Dr. Joel Olson

Joel Olson

Associate Professor

materials, chemistry of surfaces and interfaces, microscopy, chemical sensors, chemical education

222 PS   email   674-7350


Roberto Peverati

Assistant Professor

theoretical and computational chemistry for spectroscopy and energy science, molecular modeling for medicinal and synthetic chemistry

324 PS  email   674-7735

Dr. Joshua Rokach

Joshua Rokach

Professor, Director of the Claude Pepper Institute for Aging and Therapeutic Research

bioorganic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, natural product chemistry

334 PS    email   674-7329


Alex Schoedel

Assistant Professor

inorganic chemistry, reticular chemistry of functional porous materials, design of metal-organic frameworks and new linkers

217 PS   email   674-7431


Jessica Smeltz

Assistant Professor, General Chemistry Coordinator

inorganic chemistry

127 PS   email   674-8572

Mary L. Sohn


analytical, environmental and geochemistry

218 PS   email   674-8046

Norito Takenaka

Associate Professor

organic chemistry

220 PS   email   674-7310

Rudi Wehmschulte


main group chemistry, main group organometallic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, materials chemistry, catalysts

314 PS   email   674-7659

Kurt Winkelmann

Associate Professor

physical chemistry, photochemistry, nanomaterial synthesis, environmental impact of nanomaterials, chemical education

120 PS    email   674-7376