Emeritus Professor and former Department Head

B.S. University of Wisconsin
Ph.D. University of Nevada, Reno
U. S. DOE Fellow, Ames Laboratory and Iowa State University


Dr. Babich's research interests are in the area of solid state transition metal chemistry and energy storage materials. The main focus of this work has been mechanistic studies and thermal analysis of solid phase reactions in isostructural series and DSC and flammability of materials. This has required use of non-isothermal and isothermal kinetic methods and spectroscopic characterization of these compounds and also energy storage materials. Compounds of interest in these studies have use as biological model systems, industrial catalysts and passive cooling in construction applications. Thermal analysis has widespread industrial application.




  • Thermoanalytical methods including differential scanning calorimetry and thermogravimetry.
  • Reversible energy storage materials. Solid-phase processes requiring changes in coordination number.



  • Search for new energy storage materials that can be used in passive cooling applications. Florida Solar Energy Center/DOE.
  • Solid-state anation reactions of transition metal compounds.
  • Flammability of construction materials and in energy storage.



  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Ames Laboratory USDOE and Iowa State University in X-ray and Neutron Diffraction
  • Assistant Professor, Ohio Wesleyan University 1976-'77 Physical Inorganic Chemistry
  • Assistant Professor, University of Delaware 1977-'78 General and Inorganic Chemistry

Dr. Babich sits on the Inorganica Chimica Acta refereeing panel, The Council for Chemical Research, where he is chairman of the science education committee, Advisory Committee for the BCC Chemical Instrumentation Program, Southeastern Regional Chemistry Department Chairs, Board of Directors of the Center for Advanced Therapeutics and Research and is co-chairman of the Biochemistry Program.

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