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2017 Panther Chemist Newsletter

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2018 Spring Seminar Schedule

All seminars start at 5 pm unless noted otherwise.  Thursday seminars are held in the Olin LIfe Sciences Building, Room 130. Seminars on other days will take place in the rooms listed. Faculty, students, and the general public are welcome and all chemistry students are strongly encouraged to attend. We hope to see you there.

Seminar dates will be updated throughout the semester.

Date Presentation
January 11

Dr. Xiazodong Shi, University of South Florida

Curiosity Driven New Reactivity Discovery
January 18

Rui Wang, research proposal

Title TBD

January 27

Room 130 Olin Life Sciences

1:30 pm

Dr. George Christou, University of Florida

The Power of Molecular Chemistry in Nanoscale Materials Science

Presentation is part of the Florida Tech ACS Student Chapter's Symposium for Materials Chemistry

Wednesday, February 14

Room 137 Olin Engineering Center

5:30 pm

Dr. Mark Antony Boggs, Nuclear and Radiochemistry Group at Los Alamos National Laboratory

Environmental Transport of Plutonium and the Role of Cellular Exudates

Wednesday, February 14

Room 137 Olin Engineering Center

6:30 pm

Dr. Matthew Douglas, Radiochemical Analysis Group at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

Radiochemical Separations: Applications to Nuclear Forensics Analysis

March 1

Kim Shivler, M. Ed., Florida Tech

How to Create and Deliver Powerful Presentations

Tuesday, March 13, 5 pm

Room 276 Olin Engineering Center

Grace Abban, Florida Tech

Original Proposal: Synthesis and characterization of phenothiazinium derivatives for targeted radiation treatment of cancer cells

March 15

Dr. Titel Jurca, University of Central Florida

Driving Catalyst Discovery Through Ligand Design

April 5

Dr. Christopher Chouinard, Pacific Northwest National Lab

Harnessing the Power of Ion Mobility-Mass Spectrometry: Innovative Approaches in Applications, Fundamentals, and Instrumentation

Tuesday, April 10, 5 pm

Room TBD

Efram Goldberg, Florida Tech

Dissertation Defense

April 12

Megan Sterling, Florida Tech

Dissertation Proposal: STM Investigations of Phthalocyanine Catalytic Activity

Friday, April 13, 4 pm

Room 112 Crawford Building

Dr. Marie-Paule Pileni, Université Pierre et Marie Curie, France

Nanocrystals, nanocrystallinity, supracrystals: Unexpected behavior

Tuesday, April 17, 5 pm

Room TBD

Dr. Khanh-Hoa Tran-Ba, Columbia University

Fluorescence Microscopy for Enhanced Understanding of Polymer Materials

April 19

Elizabeth Stewart

Senior Research Seminar: Tracking Conformers of Stearic Acid Adsorbed on HOPG Surface via STM

Franklin Thornburgh, Florida Tech

Senior Research Seminar: Application of Submolecular Tunneling and Barrier (STAB) Analysis of Dioxins and their Toxicity

Friday, April 20, 2 pm

Room 202 Olin Physical Sciences

Rui Wang, Florida Tech

Original Research Proposal

Tuesday, April 24, 2 pm

Room 276 Olin Engineering Center

Dami Ajadi, Florida Tech

Dissertation Proposal: Fatty acids as biomarkers in Chukchi Sea sediments

Tuesday, April 24, 5 pm

Room 129 Olin Life Sciences

Ryan Wheat, Florida Tech

Senior Research Seminar: Synthesis of Multivariate Metal-Organic Frameworks with Novel Secondary Building Units