Research Opportunities

Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The undergraduate research experience is where students learn how to apply their knowledge either for deepening our understanding of chemistry and the world around us or for the advancement of applied fields that impact technology, health or the environment. No matter what your interest, the practical hands-on experience you will get in our Department will prepare you for a career in science and technology. The research experience will also give you the opportunity to publish, obtain strong letters of recommendation and strengthen your resume.

Benefits of research. You will have the opportunity to engage in different types of research activities (chemical synthesis, working with chemical instrumentation, or even computational chemistry). These activities will help to guide you to a career path for which you are well suited. Additionally, research is an excellent résumé builder. Finally, via your research activities, you will develop a professional relationship with a research advisor who will aid and guide your continued career through letters of recommendation, as well as his or her own professional contacts.

Getting credit for research. With the Research Degree option, you will receive academic credit for the research you perform. This is a certified degree by the American Chemical Society, recognized world-wide for meeting stringent requirements for a modern and complete degree in Chemistry. You will receive 6 credit hours toward your degree and will have the opportunity to publish your work in the peer-reviewed literature, which is extremely attractive when applying for jobs or for admission to graduate programs.

Summer opportunities. There are often opportunities to continue your research experience over the summer. Every year the Department has a number of paid positions and funding opportunities to pursue full-time research over the summer months that enable students to continue professional development and to build a strong track record in their work environment.

Industrial experience. Over the years, the Department has built strong ties with industry that has resulted in summer internship opportunities. These positions provide experience in an industrial setting in varied technology sectors, and provide incredible opportunities to connect with prospective employers.

Graduate studies. The Department has a very strong graduate program that provides students with the opportunity to obtain higher degrees including the Master of Science (M.S.) and the Doctorate of Philosophy (Ph.D.) A strong undergraduate research experience is essential for moving to the next level.