Undergraduate Student Resources

Safety Manual

The Chemistry Department's Safety Manual is found here.  Pictures of GHS laboratory hazard labels are found here.


Students Performing Undergraduate Research

A syllabus for course CHM 4800, Undergraduate Research, can be found here.


General Chemistry

You can access all your general chemistry course materials on Canvas. If you have any questions about how to use Canvas, contact Florida Tech's information technology support center at x 7284.

If you have trouble using the MasteringChemistry online homework system, visit their help page.

Good luck with your studies this semester.


Contact Information for Teaching Assistants

In case you forget your lab instructor's name or email address, here they are.  Click on the name to send an email to the GSA.


Grace Abban



Nawodi Abeyrthna

Nicole Becker

Lenny Bernas


Tammy Bilak

Shishir Chourey


Somayeh Farooji



Efram Goldberg


Charitha Guruge


Tyan Laak

Mozhgan Navidi

Rafaela Nita


Hemant Pal


Lorraine Remirez


Salomey Sasu

Qiuji Ye


Eric Ziegler