Education and Interdisciplinary Studies

Introducing our Department Mascot...

"Ed," the Flamingo!

Meet Ed.

Flocking back to Brevard County from Tampa, FL in the hopes of attending Florida Tech, Ed moved back to Brevard County in the Spring of 1998.  The first stop on his agenda was his birthplace, the Brevard Zoo.  He planned to spend some time there, but once he received his acceptance letter from FIT, he quickly flew over to our campus to make his mark.  Originally, and to no one's great surprise, Ed was interested in both the aviation and education program, but after spending the summer getting to know the campus and learning about our programs, he decided to spread his wings and flap over to the Department in the Fall of 1998.  He's called our Department "home" ever since.

Ed is very fond of Mrs. Blenis, our Director of Teacher Education.  As her assistant, he works full time greeting students in the office, attending FEA meetings, and participating in every conference and sponsored event held or attended by students and faculty in the Department. This alone has kept Ed very busy, but he still finds time to have some fun with the education students off campus as well.  Ed is what you'd call, "A Jack of all trades!"

If you'd like to see Ed's latest adventures, stop by Mrs. B's office sometime to chat with him. Ed is a very busy bird, but if you'd like to take him to an event, make sure to schedule it with Mrs. Blenis. She will be happy to check his date book!