Education and Interdisciplinary Studies


Our small teacher-to-student ratio helps support the close-knit atmosphere that amplifies faculty and student productivity.  Meet our Department faculty below.  To view recent faculty research publications, click here.

Ivan Farrell
Master Teacher

Ph.D. candidate, Science Education, Florida Institute of Technology 

Courses:  Approaches to Teaching;  Inquiry-Based Lesson Design;  Classroom Interactions;  Problem-Based Instruction;  Apprentice Teaching

Research:  Chemistry and science education,  Secondary education chemistry


Dr. Samantha Fowler
Assistant Professor

Ph.D., University of South Florida

Courses:  Statistics for Education Research

Research:  Effects of socioscientific issues; pedagogy;  acceptance of evolution and scientific literacy.

Dr. Kastro Hamed
Department Head

Ph.D.  Kansas State University

Courses:  Research Practicum;  Student Teaching; Learning Mathematics and Science; Research Seminar.

Research:  Innovations in physics and math education; Content-centric education of teachers.

Joe Laub
Master Teacher

M.Ed., Florida Institute of Technology, Science Education

Courses: Clinical/Field Exp.; Foundations & Mgt of Inst.; Meth/Mgmt M/HS Teaching; Special Topics in Education; Student Teaching

Research:  Marine biology education;  Science education.


Dr. Ken Lindeman

Ph.D., Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Sciences, University of Miami

Courses:  Introd. to Sustainability; Applied Sustainability;  Coastal Systems Planning;  Systems, Governance, and Sustainability 

Research:  Sustainable coastal policy & climate adaptation; Coastal habitats & fish biology;  Systems education.


Dr. Thomas J. Marcinkowski

Ph.D., Southern Illinois University at Carbondale 

Courses:  Measurement and Evaluation; Assessment and Evaluation; Methods in Ecology and Environmental Science Content; Methods for Environmental Problems and Issue Investigation

Research:  Environmental education;  Curriculum & instruction;  Research & evaluation design.

Dr. Joo Young Park
Assistant Professor


Ph.D.: Columbia University, Teachers College, Mathematics Education 

Courses:  Statistics for Educational Research, EDS 6070;  Case Studies in Mathematics Education, EDS 5350.

Research : Teaching and learning of mathematical modeling, Collaborative mathematical practice and identity, Interdisciplinary approaches in learning of mathematics and science, Secondary preservice teacher's knowledge, Makiguchi's value creation pedagogy. 


 Dr. Scott Tilley

 Ph.D., University of Victoria

Courses: Current Topics in Computing Education; Systems Analysis & Design.

Research:  Computing literacy, Educational technology, STEM outreach, Software testing, Cloud computing, Cyberethics.