Education and Interdisciplinary Studies

Faculty Research Publications

Faculty, graduate students, and undergraduate students conduct diverse research projects on topics including  Environmental Education, Sustainable Coastal Policy, Mathematics Education, Teacher Education, Computer Education, Institutional Sustainability and Interdisciplinary Studies.  The following listings are not comprehensive.  See individual faculty websites for detailed publication lists and pdfs.       

Selected Publications 

  • Bonhomme, M.S., “Notes and trends."A column appearing in every issue of the Journal of Continuing Higher Education, 2002- present.
  • Lindeman, K.C., L.E. Dame, C.B. Avenarius, B.P. Horton, J.P. Donnelly, D.R. Corbett, A.C. Kemp, P. Lane, M.E. Mann and W.R. Peltier. 2015. Science needs for sea-level adaptation planning: comparisons among three U.S. Atlantic coastal regions. Coastal Management 43(5):555-574.
  • Biraimah, K., Bonhomme, M.S., Gill, M.G., Kenkel, M.B., and Sola, G.  2015.  The oncept of ‘Education’ in the USA: an interdisciplinary perspective. Rassegna di Pedagogia: Padagogische Umschau (Review of Education: Pedalogical Overview) 73(1-2):103-120.
  • Ariza, E., K.C. Lindeman, P. Mozumder, and D.O. Suman.  2014.  Beach management in Florida: assessing stakeholder perceptions on governance. Ocean and Coastal Management. 96:82-93.
  • Marcinkowski, T., Shin, D, Noh, K., Negev, M., Sagy, G., Garb, Y., McBeth, W., Hungerford, H., Volk, T., Meyers, R., & Erdogan, M.  2013. 31: National assessments of environmental literacy: A review, comparison, and analysis.  In R. Stevenson et al. (Eds.), International Handbook of Research on Environmental Education. (pp. 310-330). Washington, DC: American Educat. Research Assoc. and Routledge.
  • Marcinkowski, T., Bucheit, J., Spero, V., Linsenbardt, C., Engelhardt, J., Stadel, M., Santangelo, R., & Guzmon, K. 2013.  5: Selected trends in thirty years of doctoral research in environmental education in Dissertation Abstracts International from collections prepared in the U.S. In R. Stevenson et al. (Eds.), International Handbook of Research on Environmental Education (pp. 45-62). Washington, DC: American Educat. Research Assoc. and Routledge.
  • Fowler, S.R. 2012. Putting students in the hot seat to promote interest in a biology course for non-majors. The American Biology Teacher, 410–412.
  • Jordan, L.K.B., K.C Lindeman, and R.E. Spieler.  2012.  Depth-variable settlement patterns and predation influence on newly settled reef fishes (Haemulon spp., Haemulidae). PLOS One 7(12):1-11.
  • Erdogan, M., Ok, A., & Marcinkowski, T. 2012. Development and validation of the Children’s Responsible Environmental Behavior scale. Environmental Education Research, 18(4):507-540.
  • Henry, W.J., Fowler, S.R., and West, N.M. 2011. Campus climate:  an assessment of  students’ perceptions in a college of education. Urban Education, 689–718.
  • Lindeman, K.C., H.T. Gibson, and H. Yu.  2010.  Participatory climate adaptation in coastal Florida:  increasing roles for water-users and independent science. Proc. 62nd Gulf and Caribbean Fisheries Institue, 62:7-11.
  • Fowler, S.R. and Meisels, G.G. 2010. Florida teacher’s attitudes about teaching  evolution. The American Biology Teacher, 96-99. 
  • Fowler, S.R., Zeidler, D.L., and Sadler, T.D. 2009. Moral sensitivity in the context of socioscientific issues in high school science students. International Journal of Science Education, 279-296.
  • Erdogan, M., Marcinkowski, T., & Ok, A.. 2009.  Content analysis of K-8 environmental education research studies in Turkey, 1997-2007. Environmental Education Research 15(5), 525-548.
  • Claro, R., Y. Sadovy de Mitcheson, K.C. Lindeman, and A. Garca-Cagíde.  2009.  Historical analysis of commercial Cuban fishing effort and the effects of management interventions on important reef fishes: 1960 – 2005.  Fisheries Research 99(1):7-16. 
  • Erdogan, M., Marcinkowski, T., & Ok, A. 2009. Content analysis of K-8 environmental education research studies in Turkey, 1997-2007. Environmental Education Research, 15(5), 525-548.
  • Hamed, Kastro M.  2008. A simple activity to facilitate proportional reasoning in the contexts of density, dissolving and nano-particles.  Journal of College Science Teaching.  38, 28-31.
  • Hamed, Kastro M., 2008. Do you prefer to have the text or a sheet with your physics examination?  The Physics Teacher.  Vol, 46, 290-293.
  • Sadler, T.D., and Fowler, S.R. 2006. A Threshold Model of content knowledge transfer for socioscientific argumentation. Science Education, 986 – 1004.
  • Lindeman, K. C. and D. DeMaria.  2005.  Juveniles of the Caribbean’s largest coral reef snapper do not use reefs.  Coral Reefs 24:359.
  • Mumby, P.J., A.J. Edwards, J. Ernesto Arias-González, K.C. Lindeman, P.G. Blackwell, A. Gall, M.I. Gorczynska, A.R. Harborne, C.L. Pescod, H. Renken, C.C. Wabnitz, and G. Llewellyn. 2004. Mangroves enhance the biomass of coral reef fish communities in the Caribbean.  Nature 427:533-536.
  • Lopez, R.E., and Hamed, K.M. 2004. Student interpretations of 2-D and 3-D renderings of the sub-storm current wedge.  Journal of Atmospheric and Solar Terrestrial Physics. 66:1509-1517.
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