Education and Interdisciplinary Studies

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Graduate Programs

Our department offers several graduate degree programs administered by advanced faculty members in collaboration with colleagues from other departments on campus:

Interdisciplinary science graduates meet growing employer demands for professionals with advanced training and experience across multiple disciplines, often with a focus on sustainability.  Some graduates pursue further studies in Ph.D. programs or law school.  Graduates are unusually well-prepared for the newest workforce trends and excel as technical experts, researchers, and managers who possess the skills to innovate in diverse science, business, and resource management fields. 

The education degree programs include mathematics, computer, and environmental education degrees that encourage our students to work  with  other departments at Florida Tech.  Our degree programs are diversified, rich in technical content, and infused with teaching pedagogy. Most of our programs combine a core set of educational courses that are supplemented by  coursework in science, technology and/or mathematics. 

In addition, all graduate education students are required to complete a research course that focuses on the development and implementation of a research project or thesis, the extent of which is dependent on the level of the graduate degree. Each master's education program requires a concentration (9 graduate hours) in an area of math, science or technology. Doctoral students complete a major technical area (21 graduate hours) in an approved subject area.

For additional information, see the links on the right.  For general graduate admission requirements, please refer to the "Graduate Information and Regulations" section of the course catalog.