Education and Interdisciplinary Studies

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Funding Opportunities

For more information contact:
Dr. Laszlo Baksay, Department Head
Education & Interdisciplinary Studies

Assistance for Florida Teachers

Florida Tech offers working teachers enrolled in the Department of Education and Interdisciplinary Studies one-third off regular tuition. This benefit is extended to all teachers teaching full time in Florida's public, private, and community college institutions.  Also, the Florida Department of Education offers multiple grants and scholarship programs for postsecondary students. Please contact the Florida Department of Education for more information.

Graduate Assistantships

The department has a limited number of Graduate Student Assistantships. Application forms are available online or can be obtained from Graduate Admissions, and may be submitted at the time of application.


Many students find full or part-time employment with non-governmental organizations (e.g. Brevard Zoo) or governmental agencies (e.g. parks departments) to finance their studies. Others choose to teach full-time in the public or private schools while pursuing graduate studies. Although this option slows the degree process, Florida teachers receive one-third off regular tuition. Still other graduate students find financial support by teaching full or part-time at the local community college. To make these options viable for graduate students, many departmental graduate courses are offered in the evening or in the summer.

Peace Corps Fellows


At present, all Fellows enrolled in graduate degree programs within the Department receive a 1/3 tuition waiver. To obtain additional financial support, Fellows must rely on university fellowships, assistantships, paid internships, staff positions, external employment, loans, and/or fellowship opportunities outside the university. In the future, additional tuition and stipend support remains contingent on fund-raising efforts.


Masters degree programs in the Graduate Education Fellows Program are two year programs (minimum) designed for returning Peace Corps volunteers with Bachelor's coursework and Peace Corps experience in an environmentally related area. In addition, advanced graduate degree (EdS, EdD, PhD) programs are typically three year (minimum) programs designed for returning Peace Corps volunteers with Masters degree and Peace Corps experience in a relevant area. This Program offers degrees in four environmental areas (i.e., science, engineering, management and education), and four areas of education (i.e., science, mathematics, environmental, and computer/instructional technology). This Program combines coursework in a selected M.S. or advanced graduate degree program and related internship experience with a partnering institution in the region. Regional partners include Federal, State, regional and county environmental agencies; county school districts; private scientific and educational institutions; and conservation organizations. The end-of program requirement (i.e., M.S.: Thesis, Non-Thesis Project, Capstone Internship; Ph.D.: Dissertation) may be completed with a cooperating partner.


Masters degree programs require a Bachelor's degree in a related field, with a GPA of 3.0 or above. Ph.D. programs require a master's degree in a related field, with a GPA of 3.2 or above. Applicants are required to submit the following materials to the Office of Graduate Admissions: a completed application form, official transcripts for all college/university coursework, a resume, a Description of Service, a Statement of Objectives, and three Letters of Recommendation. Admission is competitive. For more specific information about our Peace Corps Fellows program, check out Peace Corps Fellows Program, visit the Peace Corps web site, and/or contact Florida Tech's PC Fellows Coordinator.

Other Financial Aid Options

Additional aid is also available in the form of loans, university fellowships, assistantships, paid internships, staff positions, and other fellowship opportunities outside the University. Contact the Office of Financial Aid for more information.