Education and Interdisciplinary Studies

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Master's Degrees in Education

Whether you're seeking a master's degree in computer education, mathematics education, environmental education, or science education, we have a wide variety of programs to choose from, all of which are well designed to meet your needs and educational goals.

We offer a Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.) degree as well, which is a degree best suited for individuals who have received an undergraduate degree in a teaching subject and are interested in teaching, but did not receive formal teacher preparation during their undergraduate career.

Additionally, a Master of Education in Elementary Science Education (M. Ed.) degree is also availalble through our Department, and it is tailored for those students seeking a career in elementary education.

Our Master's programs are:


  • Classes in the late afternoon or evenings
  • Classes held on the Florida Tech Campus in Melbourne, FL


  • Small Classes
  • Available Professors


  • Florida Teachers receive a one-third discount off regular tuition

Choosing the Master's Degree in Education That is Right for You...

Appropriate Masters Degree

Your Current Professional Teaching Certificate
Elementary School Middle School High School
Master of Arts in Teaching (M.A.T.)                
Educational Technology (M.S.)   X X X X X X X
Elementary Science Education (M.Ed.)   X            
Enviornmental Education (M.S.)   X   X     X  
Mathematics Education (M.S.)     X     X    
Science Education (M.S.)*       X     X  

* Concentrations for Science Education are available in Biology, Chemistry, Environmental Science, General Science, Oceanography/Earth Science, Physics, Psychology, and Informal Science.