Education and Interdisciplinary Studies

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Undergraduate Programs

Sustainability Studies - Bachelors of Science

Sustainability professionals apply systems thinking across disciplines to create and manage social, environmental, and business products among a diverse and expanding array of professions. The program blends Florida Tech’s well-known technical strengths with specialized electives based on student interest to produce unusually well-rounded graduates that can operate within multiple fields in the 21st century. Four concentrations are offered: Technology & Engineering; Business & Economics; Environmental Sciences; Social Sciences.

The program curriculum emphasizes advanced educational experiences, hands-on projects (individually and in teams), applied research on campus or internships in the community. Final capstone projects use a campus classroom model: students address real-world sustainability challenges to generate actual products and gain marketable skills for new & existing industries. Contact Dr. Ken Lindeman, Program Chair, for more information.

Undergraduate Education - Bachelors of Science

Our education program fosters a scholarly and family-like atmosphere where students enjoy small class sizes. Specializing in science, computers, and mathematics, the curriculum is strong in content areas and the latest pedagogy. Florida Tech UTeach is an innovative program that allows students to expand their learning as a STEM major (science, technology, engineering, or mathematics), and develop the skills to also become a certified science or mathematics educator.

The UTeach program doubles your opportunities. In addition to the careers in your STEM major, when you complete the Florida Tech UTeach program and pass the state teacher-certification exam you are also fully qualified to teach mathematics or science, where the job opportunities can be abundant. The program starts with a 1-credit class introducing you to teaching. You need not commit to the program – just try it out. If you like it, move on to Step 2 – another 1-credit class that continues to introduce you to what teaching is about. If you continue, there is usually only one class a term (the classes typically fit into your major as required elective classes). For more information, please contact the Program Manager, Elaine Carlyle, or either Co-Director, Dr. Kastro Hamed or Dr. Laszlo Baksay.

Interdisciplinary Science - Bachelors of Science

Because of the increasing importance of science and technology in our daily lives, Florida Tech has developed an Interdisciplinary Science degree program that allows a student to enroll in a wide variety of science courses, supplemented by certain core courses and carefully chosen electives. The most important characteristics of this degree are that it is flexible and tailored to the individual student's needs, and that it emphasizes broad training in science.

The graduate with an interdisciplinary science degree will have a well-rounded appreciation of science and its place in society, and will have acquired specific tools for his or her career. The Military Science option prepares Florida Tech ROTC cadets to serve as commissioned officers in the United States Army. We also have an Interdisciplinary Science option in Aeronautics. Contact Dr. Laszlo Baksay, Program Chair, for more information.

Minor Programs for Undergraduates

Florida Tech also offers an Education minor, a Sustainability Minor, and an Athletics Coaching Minor. Many students from all Colleges have found that they can add major value to their campus experience and their resume by building a minor into their experience at Florida Tech. The minor credentials are on the final transcript and diploma. Most importantly, students gain major additional skill sets to customize and substantially lever their career paths after graduation.