Florida Tech UTeach | Becoming a Teacher in Florida

Where strength in STEM leads to excellence in education.

Modeled after the original UTeach program developed by the University of Texas at Austin and developed in accordance with proven best practices set forth by the national UTeach Institute, Florida Tech UTeach centers around the idea that future science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) teachers should be both proficient instructors and passionate experts.

As Florida's STEM University, we believe that the best teachers are not, as the old adage suggests, “those who can’t,” but rather “those who can.” We believe the best science teachers are biologists, chemists and physicists--and that the best math teachers are mathematicians. You want to teach computer science or engineering, you better be able to program, to create, and to design.

To this end, Florida Tech UTeach gives students the unique opportunity to pursue two degrees simultaneously—one in an approved scientific or technological content area and the second in STEM education—while still graduating within four years. It is a rigorous, innovative approach to secondary teacher preparation and it is ideal for students who:

  • are passionate about a particular STEM area of study and who are curious about the field of teaching
  • have interest in both gaining depth of knowledge in a particular STEM content area and studying to become an excellent secondary math or science teacher
  • desire a degree in a STEM field but who are unsure about their career goals and would consider teaching as a viable option for the future
  • want to achieve Florida teacher certification and experience a high-tech, hands-on education in math, science, engineering or technology at a top-ranked national research university
  • for whom becoming a good math or science teacher isn't good enough—they want to be the best!                     

Science and mathematics teachers are in high-demand throughout the country. Upon graduation, students who have achieved teacher certification in Florida through the Florida Tech UTeach program are eligible for reciprocal certification in 47 different states and territories in and around the United States.