Mathematical Sciences


Welcome to the Department of the Mathematical Sciences. Mathematics is a way of thinking, and a means of comprehending our world through the discovery of fundamental concepts and the development of mental ability for concept oriented logical reasoning. Mathematics is a science with its own laws and concepts, which are historically discovered through solving concrete problems of the world. It is a universal language for the expression of the laws of nature, whether it is in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering or Economics.
Our mission is to provide mathematical education with the goal of producing XXI century problem solvers, equipped with analytical tools and mathematical intuition to tackle a diverse range of contemporary problems. Our graduates have a successful career path in Academia, Education, Industry, Finance and Business.
We offer three undergraduate programs in Applied Mathematics, Mathematical Sciences and Biomathematics. Undergraduate Research is the required capstone course for all math majors and cutting edge research opportunities are provided for all students. Our Department hosts an NSF funded REU Site in Applied Mathematics.
We are the biggest service Department on campus and it is an integral part of our primary mission to provide world class math training for all non-math major students. We equip them with a world class mathematical education which is necessary for their respective fields of study. As a matter of fact, many of those students decide to declare Mathematics as a second major after completing the freshman and sophomore level math requirement. A Dual major in Mathematical Sciences and another field of study is becoming more and more popular throughout campus due to an increase of job opportunities after the graduation.
Our Department has Master of Science (MS) and Ph.D. programs in Applied Mathematics and Operations Research. MS program is designed to give you a solid education far beyond undergraduate education. It offers an entirely course-based, or more typically, a both course and research based option. It involves writing and defending a thesis, which is the culmination of gained knowledge in a specialized field. The MS program is a training camp both for for the Ph.D. program, and for the high-tech industry or education job market. Ph.D. program is designed to give you extensive expertise in a specialized field. Usually within the first three years of a Ph.D. program a student finishes her or his course requirements, and gains a broad knowledge in the field. Within first year of study, the student establishes a working relationship with all the Professors and chooses an advisor.
The culmination of the Ph.D. program is the Ph.D. Dissertation defense. It is our primary goal and mission to guide and raise our Ph.D. students to a high level, to push the boundary of knowledge in the frontier of modern mathematics.
Our view of mathematical research can be well expressed by the following quotation:

"In solving concrete problems, an investigator enriches himself, and in this way he discovers new methods and extends his mental outlook. He who searches for new methods without any specific problem in mind just wastes time for nothing."
— David Hilbert

Ugur G. Abdulla, Ph.D.,Dr.Sci.
Head, Mathematical Sciences