College of Science

Department Overviews

The College of Science consists of five degree-granting departments. Each department within the college has significant areas of strength and expertise in both teaching and research.

Biological Sciences

The Biological Sciences Department has a marine biology program that ranks as one of the best in the nation, and cellular, molecular, and premedical biology are also important strengths of the department. Externally-funded research programs investigate bacterial genetics, climate change, coral-reef ecology, Alzheimer’s disease, marine fish neurobiology, Amazonian paleoecology, marine paleoecology, polar biology, and aquaculture of commercially-important marine species, all of which involve students in productive research training. 

Degrees Granted:  Aquaculture: B.S.; Biochemistry: B.S.; Biological Sciences: Ph.D.; Biotechnology: M.S.; Cell/Molecular Biology: M.S.; Conservation Biology & Ecology: B.S.; Conservation Technology: M.S.;  Ecology: M.S.; General Biology: B.S.; Marine Biology: B.S., M.S.; Molecular Biology: B.S.; Pre-Medical Biology: B.S.


The Chemistry Department is very strong in medicinal, environmental and green chemistry.  Research and teaching specialties include inorganic, bio-organic and bio-inorganic chemistry, materials science, organometallic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and computational chemistry and geochemistry.

Degrees Granted:  Biochemistry: B.S., M.S.; Chemistry, M.S., Ph.D.; General Chemistry: B.S.; Pre-Medical Chemistry: B.S.; Research Chemistry: B.S.



Education & Interdisciplinary Studies

Sci-Mth Ed Dept

The Education & Interdisciplinary Studies Department offers undergraduate programs in STEM Education using the UTeach model, leading to a Bachelor of Science degree and a Florida professional teaching certificate.  The Department also offers seven master’s, two specialist, and two doctoral degrees in multiple areas of education. In addition, the Department offers an applied undergraduate major and minor in Sustainability Studies, and undergraduate and graduate degrees in Interdisciplinary Science.

Degrees Granted:  Athletic Coaching: Minor and Certification; Computer Education: M.S.; Elementary Science Education: M.Ed; Environmental Education: M.S.; Interdisciplinary Science: B.S., M.S.; Interdisciplinary Science – Aeronautics: B.S.; Interdisciplinary Science – Military Science: B.S.; Master in Art of Teaching: MAT; Master of Education: M.Ed.; Mathematics Education: M.S., Ed.S., Ph.D.; Science Education: M.S., Ed.S, Ph.D.; STEM Education: B.S.; Sustainability:  B.S. and Minor.

Mathematical Sciences

The Mathematical Sciences Department has highly interdisciplinary programs in applied mathematics and operations research. The applied mathematics program provides flexibility for students to form custom-made curriculum based on their research interests and career goals. The operations research program is one of few programs in the country that focuses on mathematics and stochastic processes. Active research areas include theory and applications of PDE’s and ODE’s, potential theory, inverse problems, optimal control, mathematical biology, image processing and medical imaging, biostatistics, dynamical systems and chaos theory, stochastic games, stochastic finance, stochastic programming, computational number theory, scientific computing, parallel computing and mathematical modeling.

Degrees Granted:  Applied Mathematics: B.S.,M.S.,Ph.D.; Biomathematics, B.S.; Computational Mathematics: Minor; Mathematical Sciences, B.S.; Operations Research, M.S.,Ph.D. 

Physics & Space Sciences

The Physics and Space Sciences Department has one of the larger undergraduate enrollments in this area in the nation. Faculty and students in the department carry out world-class research, working in areas ranging from some of the smallest objects in the universe to some of the largest. Research topics and teaching areas include high-energy physics, lightning physics, space physics, planetary sciences and astronomy/astrophysics.

Degrees Granted:  Astrobiology: B.S.; Astronomy/Astrophysics: B.S.; Physics: B.S., M.S., Ph.D.; Pre-Medical Physics: B.S.; Planetary Sciences: B.S.; Space Sciences: M.S., Ph.D.