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Public Science Lecture Series

In our monthly public Science Lecture Series we host an evening lecture on a topic of general interest in science in the auditorium Olin Engineering Complex (room EC 118, see map below) on the 4th Friday of each month during the academic year. The lectures are at 8 p.m., and are followed at 9 p.m. by a public viewing session at the campus observatory on the roof of the Olin Physical Sciences Building (weather permitting). 

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Fri Aug 22, 2014

Prof. Scott Tilley

Department of Education and Interdisciplinary Studies
Florida Institute of Technology


The popular TV show FRINGE featured fantastical stories that included time travel, parallel universes, quantum entanglement, genetic engineering, immersive man-­‐machine interfaces, and artificial evolution. Are any of these things real? Is the science sound? Will we ever have the engineering knowledge to build the technology that could turn science fiction into science fact? And if we did, how would these new developments affect society in terms of individual freedom, ethical behavior, and self-­‐determination? Come to this exciting lecture by Professor Tilley to hear more about how you can help shape our future.


Fri Sep 26, 2014

Dr. Michael S. Grace
Associate Dean, College of Science
Director, Behavioral Neuroscience Laboratory
Director, High Resolution Microscopy & Advanced Imaging Center
Florida Institute of Technology


Fri Oct 24, 2014

Dr. Véronique Petit

Want even more astronomy?

We now have the Melbourne Astronomical Society for local-area amateur astronomers (including students) to meet, discuss science and equipment, tips and techniques. If you'd like to join us for monthly meetings and meet other local-area amateur astronomers, please sign up for the MAS mailing list. We're meeting on the same nights as the Lecture Series at 6:30 p.m. in the Physical Sciences building room 144 (the first floor towards the south doors).


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Once on campus, park in the lot adjacent to the buildings marked 1 or 2. Talks will take place in the building marked 1 (Olin Engineering Complex Auditorium, room EC 118). Observing will take place on the roof of the building marked 2 (Physical Sciences Building) weather permitting.

FIT Map Showing Location of Astro Lecture Events