Physics and Space Sciences

Colloquium Schedule

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All seminars are held at 4:00 PM in Room 140 of the Olin Physical Sciences Building (map) unless otherwise noted.

Refreshments are provided at 3:55 PM.

Speakers can park anywhere on campus with a parking permit. It is suggested to use the parking lots 17, 20 or 24 (see this parking map).

Spring 2018

Date Speaker Title  
01/19/2018 Francisco Yumiceva (FIT) Light-emitting Top Quarks pdf
01/26/2018 Pallav Ray (FIT) On the Initiation and Propagation of Intraseasonal (20-100 day) Tropical Waves pdf
02/09/2018 Steven Lazarus (FIT) Gigantic Jets: A Meteorological Perspective pdf
02/23/2018 Mark DeMaria (NHC) Improvements in Tropical Cyclone Intensity Forecasting pdf
03/16/2018 Ken Cummins (UA) The Study of Lightning Properties using Space- and Ground-Based Instruments pdf
03/23/2018 Mark Boslough (UNM) Explosions in the Sky: Modeling Asteroid Airbursts pdf
03/30/2018 Douglas Gies (GSU)
The CHARA Array pdf
04/06/2018 Ming Zhang (FIT) Seeing the Heliosphere pdf
04/13/2018 Morgan Irons (DSE)

Food Security in Space: Understanding How to Develop Quasi-Closed, Agroecological Systems. 

04/17/2018 Philip Muirhead (BU) Small Stars with Small Planets and Big Consequences pdf
04/20/2018 Jeff Volosin & Eblan Farris (NASA) The Transiting Exoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) Mission  pdf

Fall 2017

Date Speaker Title  
10/27/2017 Kunal Mitra (FIT) Challenges with Astronaut’s Health during Spaceflight pdf
11/03/2017 Ryan Said (Vaisala Inc.)
Building a Global Lightning Detection System pdf
11/17/2017 Lou Strolger (STScI) The Rates of Supernovae, Far and Near pdf
12/1/2017 Trisha Doyle (FIT)
Testing the Wind-Shock Paradigm for B-Type Star X-Ray Production with Theta Carinae pdf


Fall 2016

Date Speaker Title Poster
09/23/2016 Scott Tilley (FIT)

Experiences Integrating Computing in STEM Education

09/30/2016 Fred Myhrer (U. South Carolina)

Core-collapse Supernovae; neutrino emissions beyond the Urca Process

10/04/2016 Marcelo Saba Lightning Research with High-Speed Video pdf
10/14/2016 Alex Sousa (U. Cincinnati)  Neutrino Experiments (TBC) pdf
 12/01/2016  Martin Richardson  High Power Lasers and Their Applications  pdf


Spring 2016

Date Speaker Title Poster
01/29/2016 Alexandre David-Uraz Photometry on a budget pdf
02/05/2016 John Hewitt Fermi on the Origin of Galactic Cosmic Rays pdf
02/12/2016 Jeff Nelson Neutrino oscillations - results and prospects pdf
02/19/2016 Virginia McSwain The Circumstellar Disks of Be Stars pdf
02/26/2016 Julie McEnery The Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope pdf
03/04/2016 Rich Townsend MESA & GYRE: Stellar Astrophysics for the People pdf
03/11/2016 Spring Break  
03/18/2016 Martin Fullekrug Lightning into Space pdf
03/25/2016 Reinhard Schlickeiser Cosmic rays and MHD turbulence generation in interstellar giant molecular clouds pdf
04/01/2016 Milind Purohit The Super-KEKB Accelerator and the Belle-II Detector and Experiment pdf
04/08/2016 Hugo Beauchemin Search for Dark Matter Using the ATLAS Detector pdf
04/15/2016 Gary Stutte Space Agriculture: Past, Present and Future pdf
04/22/2016 Brad Barlow

Hot Subdwarfs: the Coolest Little Hot Stars in the Galaxy


Fall 2015

Date Speaker Title Poster
08/28/2015 Javier Gonzalez (U. Delaware) IceCube, a new Window to the Universe (Host: Petit) pdf
09/04/2015 Brant Carlson (Carthage) Lightning Channel Growth Rate and other Puzzles (Host: Batcheldor) pdf
09/18/2015 Darin Ragozzine (FIT) The Pluto System, the Haumea System, and Beyond pdf
09/23/2015 Amitabh Nag (Vaisala Inc.) Lightning: Experiments, Physics, and Modeling pdf
09/25/2015 Jeffrey Bennett (U. Colorado) Strategies for Teaching Science (Host: Batcheldor) pdf
10/02/2015 Ian Stern (UF) Axion Dark Matter Searches (Host: Petit) pdf
10/09/2015 Maurice Leutenegger (Goddard) High resolution X-ray spectroscopy and laboratory astrophysics (Host: Petit) pdf
10/16/2015 Kristin Simunac (St. Petersburg College) Investigating the Origins of Radial Magnetic Fields within Solar Wind Rarefaction Regions (Host: Petit) pdf
10/30/2015 David Cohen (Swarthmore) X-ray Emission from the Winds of Massive Stars (Host: Petit) pdf
11/06/2015 Marc Baarmand (FIT) Physics, mathematics and metaphysics – the quest for understanding the nature of existence from ancient to modern times pdf
11/13/2015 Stephen Eikenberry (UF)

Discovery of Rare Highly-Magnetized B Stars in the APOGEE Survey (Host: Petit)

11/20/2015 Virgina Lorenz (Illinois) Engineering photonic quantum states for quantum applications (Host: Petit)  
11/27/2015 Thanksgiving break    

Spring 2015

Date Speaker Title Poster
01/16/2015 Stan Owocki (UD) Winds that Sail on Starlight pdf
01/30/2015 Sadia Khalil (KSU) Search of Vector-like Fermions at the LHC pdf
02/06/2015 Jamie Holder (UD) Exploring the Extreme Universe with VERITAS pdf
02/17/2015 Gregg Wade (RMC) Magnetic O-type Stars in the Galaxy and Beyond pdf
02/20/2015 Yuri Shprits (MIT) Quantifying Dynamic Evolution of the Near-Earth Radiation Environment pdf
03/17/2015 Kerri Donaldson-Hanna (Oxford) The Thermal Revolution: Understanding the Formation and Evolution of Airless Bodies using Thermal Infrared Spectroscopy pdf
03/20/2015 Cristina Thomas (NASA) Understanding Solar System History and Evolutition Through Asteroid Spectroscopy pdf
03/27/2015 Andy Howell Florida Cameras for All-Sky Meteor Surveillance pdf
04/10/2015 Lulu Zhao (U. Alabama) Particle transport in co-rotating interaction regions (CIR) pdf
04/17/2015 Alberto Belloni (Unv. Maryland) Looking Toward 2025: Preparing the CMS Hadronic Calorimeter for the High-Luminosity LHC Runs pdf
04/24/2015 Wei Liu (Stanford) The Dynamic Sun: A Plasma Laboratory and Cradle of Space-weather Driving Eruptions pdf
05/01/2015 Jean Perez New Horizons in Solar Wind Turbulence pdf

Fall 2014

Date Speaker Title Poster
08/22/2014 Nicholas Leioatts (Univ. of Rochester) Unraveling Signal Transduction in the Biomedically Important Membrane Protein, Rhadopsin pdf
08/29/2014 D. Ragozzine, V. Petit, E. Perlman (FIT) Hubble Space Telescope investigation of the two moons of the intriguing Dwarf Planet Haumea, The giant magnetic field of NGC1624-2 viewed by HST, The physics of the jets of Powerful Radio Galaxies and Quasars pdf
09/26/2014 Marcelle Soares-Santos (Fermilab) Results from Dark Energy Survey (DES) Early Data
10/03/2014 Tilaye Tadesse Asfaw (Goddard Space Flight Center) Modeling Magnetic Field of Solar Eruptive Events for Prediction of Space Weather
10/10/2014 Kunio Sayanagi (HamptonU) Hexagon and Polar Vortex: Observing Saturn's Nothern High Latitudes from NASA's Cassini Orbiter
10/17/2014 Alex Fullerton (STSci) Scientific Opportunities with the James Webb Space Telescope
10/24/2014 Debasis Mitra Tomographic Dynamic Imaging
11/07/2014 Armin Rest (STSci) An Astronomical Time Machine: Light Echoes from Historic Supernovae and Stellar Eruptions
11/14/2014 Jonathan Tan (Univ. of Florida) Massive Star Formation Through The Universe
11/21/2014 Marc Baarmand (FIT) New Measurement of the Top Quark Mass

Spring 2014

Date Speaker Title Poster
01/17/2014 Dan Hooper (Univ. of Chicago/Fermilab) Dark Matter Annihilation in the Gamma-Ray Sky pdf
01/24/2014 Christophe Sotin (JPL-Nasa) Interior Dynamics and Volcanism on the Icy Moons of Jupiter and Saturn pdf
02/07/2014 Kevin Walsh (Southwest Research Inst.) The Grand Tack: Jupiter's migration to 1.5 AU, and how it shaped the inner solar system pdf
02/12/2014 Veronique Petit (Univ. of Delaware) The Magnetism of Massive Stars pdf
02/21/2014 Richard Eastes (UCF) Global-scale Observations of the Limb and Disk (GOLD) Mission - A New Perspective on the Thermosphere-Ionosphere System pdf
02/28/2014 Shasha Zou (Univ. Michigan) Formation of Ionospheric Storm-Enhanced Density during Geomagnetic Storms pdf
03/14/2014 Xianzhe Jia (Univ. Michigan) Plasma and Magnetic Fiel Environments of Jupiter's Galilean Satellites pdf
03/17/2014 Gregory Fleishman (New Jersey Inst. of Tech.) Approaches to Interactive 3D Modeling and Forward-Fitting Diagnostics Using Imaging Spectroscopy Data pdf
03/21/2014 Eva Halkiadakis (Rutgers Univ.) Searching for Physics Beyond the Standard Model with the CMS Experiment at the LHC pdf
03/28/2014 Brian Murphy (Butler Univ.) The Evolutions of the Galactic Nucleus and the Growth of the Supermassive Black Hole pdf
04/04/2014 Ofer Cohen (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics) Understanding and Predicting the Dynamic Sun and Heliosphere pdf
04/11/2014 Matthew G. McHarg (USAF Academy) High Speed Sprite Imaging


Fall 2013

Date Speaker Title Poster
09/06/2013 Brian Dorney (Florida Tech) Test of QCD using proton-proton collisions at the LHC pdf
09/13/2013 Stefan Kautsch (Nova Southeastern Univ.) The Largest Catalog of SDSS Disk Galaxies and their 3-D Structures pdf
09/20/2013 Jason Barnes (Univ. of Idaho) Alignment and Origins of Exoplanets from Transits across Gravity-Darkened
09/27/2013 Marc Baarmand (Florida Tech) Observation of Bs -> mu mu rare decay pdf
10/04/2013 Ming Zhang (Florida Tech) A Heliospheric Kaleidoscope of TeV Cosmic Ray Sky


10/18/2013 Adrienne Dove (Univ. of Cental Florida) Sunny side up: experimental investigations of UV-generated photoelectron plasmas above surfaces in space pdf
10/25/2013 Anne Murdaugh (Rollins College) Interfacial Effects:  Epitaxy and biofilms revealed by AFM pdf
11/01/2013 Matt Daniels (Sun Nuclear Corporation) What is Medical Physics? pdf
11/08/2013 Jeremy Kephart (AFTAC -Patrick Air Force Base) Mutability in Weak Interactions Processes pdf
11/15/2013 Jeremy Mans (Univ. of Minnesota) Search for the Ambidextrous Universe at the LHC pdf
11/22/2013 Michael Briggs (Univ. Alabama) Results from a Larger Terrestrial Gamma-Ray Flash Sample pdf

Spring 2013

Date Speaker Title Poster
01/25/2013 Alan Boss (Carnegie Institute) Kepler, Microlensing, and Direct Imaging: New Constraints on Exoplanet Formation Theories  pdf
02/01/2013 Catherine Neish (NASA Goddard Space Flight Center) Radar Love: Observing the planets with Synthetic Aperture Radar pdf
02/06/2013 Darin Ragozzine (Univ. of Florida) NASA's Kepler Telescope Strikes Exoplanetary Gold: Systems with Multiple Tansiting Planets pdf
02/13/2013 Brian Jackson (Carnegie Institution of Washington) The Exoplanet Revolution pdf
02/15/2013 Amy Simon-Miller (NASA) OSIRIS-REX: NASA's Asteroid Sample Return Mission pdf
02/20/2013 Dirk  Schulze-Makuch (Washington St. Univ.)  Planetary Exploration of Habitable Worlds pdf
02/22/2013 Csaba Palotai (Univ. Central Florida) Numerical Modeling of Planetary Atmospheres pdf
03/15/2013 Reinhard Schlickeiser (Univ. of Bochum, Germany)
Seed magnetic field generation in the cosmos
03/22/2013 Andy Robinson (Rochester Institute of Technology) Observational Signatures of Recoiling Supermassive Black Holes pdf
03/29/2013 Joseph Dwyer (Florida Tech) High-Energy Atmospheric Physics: Dark Lightning and Related Phenomena pdf
04/05/2013 Francisco Yumiceva (Florida Tech) The Hunt for the Higgs Particle pdf
04/12/2013 Geza Kovacs (Konkoly Observatory) Transit Search Methodologies pdf
04/19/2013 Eduardo Araujo-Pradere (Univ. of Colorado) Some Characteristic of the Ionospheric Behavior During Solar Cycles 22-23 and 23-24 Minima pdf
05/10/2013 Hermann Marshall (MIT) Multiwavelength Observations of the SS 433 Jets pdf

Fall 2012

Date Speaker Title Poster
09/21/2012 Ming Zhang (Florida Tech) Reaching Interstellar Space: Are we there Yet?  pdf
09/28/2012 Donald Platt (Florida Tech) Solar Sails: Propellant-less Solar System Exploration pdf
10/05/2012 Kalanand Mishra (Fermilab) Discovery or Illusion: The Tale of a Tantalizing Bump  pdf
10/12/2012 Todd Bradley (Univ. of Central Florida) Spectroscopic Analysis of Saturn’s rings and Proposed Laboratory Investigations of Icy Material pdf
10/19/2012 Scott Tilley (Florida Tech) It's Testing Jim, But Not As We Know It! pdf
11/02/2012 Max Muthler (Space Telescope Science Institute) Hubble Observations of Dwarf Planets and Asteroids pdf
11/16/2012 Ping Tan (Univ. of Iowa) Electro-weak Physics at CMS  pdf
11/30/2012 Kenneth Carpenter (NASA)
OpTIIX: An ISS-based Testbed to Demonstrate the Technologies Needed to Enable
a Next Generation Large Aperture UV/Optical Space Telescope
OpTIIX: An ISS-based Testbed to Demonstrate the Technologies Needed to Enablea Next Generation Large Aperture UV/Optical Space Telescope

Schedule prepared by Dr. Amitabh Nag (colloquium chair)

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