Physics and Space Sciences

Graduate Research and Academic Steering Panel

The Graduate Research and Academic Steering Panel (GRASP) is charged with overseeing the graduate programs in the Department of Physics and Space Sciences. The GRASP tasks include:

  • Review application and recommend admission of graduate students
  • Recommend assignment of Graduate Student Assistantship (GSA)
  • Schedule graduate level formal courses
  • Evaluate and endorse graduate level special topics and independent studies
  • Approve graduate level course substitutions
  • Approve MS and PhD program plans
  • Review, approve and administer PhD Comprehensive exams
  • Resolve faculty and graduate student appeals
  • Approve graduate program policy changes
  • Maintain and update graduate program forms

Admission and Degree Requirements

Below are links to the University Catalog.  You will find additional useful information in the catalog itself in sections Graduate Student Information (~pp 38ff), and Department of Physics & Space Sciences (~pp 192ff)

Graduate Policies (Office of Graduate Programs)

Program Plans and Forms

Departmental Exams

Thesis Manual and Style Guide

The Office of Graduate Programs has released an electronic version of the Thesis Manual and Style Guide for use at Florida Institute of Technology – 3rd Edition. The electronic version can be viewed by visiting the Evans Library website under “Resources” or the Graduate Programs website under:

Thesis Latex Templates

If you choose to complete your Thesis using LaTeX, you may find this template, contributed by Shahab Arabshahi, useful.


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