Physics and Space Sciences

Dr. DwyerMessage from the Department Head

Welcome to the Department of Physics and Space Sciences!

It is a remarkably exciting time to be part of the Physics and Space Sciences global community. We are experiencing fundamental break-throughs in particle physics with the detection of the mass-providing Higg's Boson at the LHC, advances in our understanding of lightning, regular missions to the International Space Station, the role of the geomagnetic field in sheilding us from outbursts from the Sun, interplanetary missions, missions leaving our solar system, the realizations of the high-frequency of Earth-like planets around other stars, the nature of variable and massive stars, and the extreme environments at the centers of galaxies created by supermassive black holes. Physics and Space Sciences students and faculty are right there at the forefront of these activities, and in many cases are leading them. 

We are committed to providing undergraduate and graduate students with the tools they need, both in the classroom and the research environment, to become then next world leaders in the fields of physics, astrobiology, astronomy & astrophysics and planetary science. These skills include mastering the core fundamentals of physics regardless of the major, and the application of the critical thinking skills needed to solve complex original problems. Such training makes our graduates very attractive to employers, and there are mulitple career opportunities available that include working for national research labs, the federal government, defense agencies, high-tech companies, universities, and even Wall Street. 

Florida Tech offers benefits unavailable at most other schools. We are one of the largest Physics and Space Sciences departments in the county, in one of the smallest schools. This means our students enjoy getting to know many people with interests similar to their own, and professors that are regularly available to direct research and spend valuable time with you outside of the lecture room. Our close ties with NASA and the global space community, and our Space Coast location, ensures many opportunities for experiences with the cutting edge instrumentation that forms the back-bone of our space-based ambitions.

If any of these areas sound like something you'd like to make a career out of, then we might just be the place for you.


Daniel Batcheldor, Ph.D.

Head, Physics & Space Sciences