Physics and Space Sciences

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Undergraduate Programs in Physics & Space Science.

All Physics & Space Sciences undergraduate programs have a strong core of physics. Our Physics programs are enhanced with specialty courses designed for students interested in pursuing careers in subatomic and particle physics, and lightning research. The space sciences undergraduate programs are designed for students interested in pursuing space-related careers, either upon graduation or after completing graduate studies, in astrobiology, astronomy, astrophysics, or planetary science. Emphasis in all curricula is on achieving a broad but sound education in the basic physical, mathematical and engineering sciences as a foundation for successful entry into any of the many subfields of modern physics and space science.

We have five majors to choose from:


An interdisciplinary program that covere the physics, astronomy, biology, and chemistry needed to investigate the possibility of life outside of the Earth's biosphere. This program is designed to meet the needs of students intending to pursue graduate education in astrobiology, astrophysics, planetary sciences or biology.

Astronomy and Astrophysics

The astronomy and astrophysics program is our most popular, and focuses on the physics and astronomy of stars, galaxies and cosmology, and is designed to meet the needs of students intending to pursue graduate education and careers in the astronomical sciences.


Physics is the discipline most directly concerned with understanding the physical world on a fundamental level. As such, it covers an extremely broad range of subjects and areas of specialization that seek to unify and understand our physical world. 

Premedical Physics

This option offers the courses needed to meet the entrance requirements of essentially all schools of medicine, dentistry, osteopathic medicine, podiatry and optometry, as well as the nonagricultural courses for veterinary medicine. The preprofessional adviser has up-to-date information on admission requirements for most professional schools, including appropriate admission tests. 

Planetary Science 

This program focuses on the physics and astronomy of the Sun, planets, asteroids, comets, moons, other objects in our Solar System and planetary systems around other stars. It is designed to meet the needs of students intending to pursue graduate education in the solar physics, geophysical sciences, planetary sciences or careers in the aerospace and space science-related industries.


We have one minor on offer:

Physics Minor

This minor program is for students wanting to demonstrate their physics abilities and pursue their extended interest in physics. For students willing to push themselves that little bit further, this minor program can be a vaulable addition for both science and engineering majors.